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The classic PC games : The best video games of all time for PC

On this gaming fansite, you will find a list of top computer games which have marked the history of the video games world like Daggerfall, Deus Ex, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Street Fighter 2, Snatcher, ... all classed by genres and by computer systems (So for thoses who wonders, yes, Classic games for old computer systems like Amstrad, MSX, Atari, ... are included on this top games list).

What makes a video game a classic

Many criteriums have been taken into account to make this Hit parade : Gameplay, new games concepts and games mechanisms, replayability and if the concerned games became so famous that it marked the creation of a new game genre or sub-genre like it was the case for Quake, Doom, ... and some others cult classic games for pc.

The graphical quality of the games has also been taken into consideration but since a videogame is more than just a technological work and since old games can't be as beautiful as recent games, by gaphical quality, understand : Level design and originality.

Because in the end, classic video games are games which, years after they have been released, are still interesting to play, thanks to their storyline, their characters, their game mechanisms or if they have have been a stepping stone to new games genres or sub-genres and which make the players remember the time passed on them with nostalgia.

PS : Most of the video games which appear on The Best PC Game website aren't classed by ranking and even by trying to be as objective as possible, a Hit-Parade is always subjective so some games which are considered as classic games by some players can (for one reason or another) be missing in this famous PC game ranking.

Still the majority of the great PC games which revolutionned the gaming history should be found in this Cult PC Video Games Hit-Parade.

I hope you like this simple gaming website and discover some not so well known but very good games past and present which are still interesting to play today, thanks to the amazing work done by their developpers.

Also, I know it's obivious but since the Best PC Games fansite is about listing the Top PC Games of all time, you won't find here articles about not yet published games as promising as they may seems like Star Citizens, Elite: Dangerous, ... (well, remember what happened with for example the Watch Dogs game, it was a very promising PC game but when it was released, it was "just" a good game, not a Top PC game).
So all games appearing on the Best PC games fansite are all published games which have revealed themselves as classic pc games.

By the way, below you will find 2 mods I created for Deus Ex Human Revolution and Deus Ex Mankind Divided as well as presentation videos about Naruto Online and Eslword (NB: These 2 last games aren't classics).

Hardcore Revival is a mod for Deus Ex Human Revolution. The Hardcore Revival Mod for the game Deus Ex Mankind Divided on PC. The free to play mmorpg Naruto Online for pc.
Vidéo de présentation du sympathique jeu en ligne Elsword sur navigateur web.

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