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The best adventure games for PC.

Adventure video games are games which focus on research, exploration, dialogues and enigms rather than reflexes and action.
Most Adventure video games are a fiction and telling a story is the main objective of theses kinds of games.
But, contrary to films and books, in an Adventure game, the player can interact within the story.
Indeed, some Adventure games have several ends.

Myst is a popular point & clic Adventure video game serie.

The Myst series

The adventure games Myst 1, Myst 2, Myst 3 : Exile, Myst 4 : Revelation and Riven (which features the next events after the past Myst game).
As for Myst 5 : End of Ages, he isn't amongs the greatest adventure games because it lacks puzzles and enigmas and they are to easy

Runaway is a famous Adventure Games Trilogy.

The Runaway trilogy

Runaway 1 : A Road Adventure, Runaway 2 : The Dream of the Turtle et Runaway 3 : A Twist of Fate are among the best adventure games existing.
In Runaway, many events are very funny, the scenario is interesting and the graphical quality is good.

The Adventure games Syberia and Syberia 2.

Syberia 1 and Syberia 2

Syberia 1 and 2 are very poetic Adventure video games with a great atmosphere and charismatic characters.

The Longest Journey is a classic Adventure video game for PC.

The longest journey

The Longest Journey is one of the pionneers of the Adventure games genre on PC and is one of the greatest adventure games of all times.

The Adventure game Experience 112 on PC.

Experience 112

The game Experience 112 is a very particular game where the player doesn't control the main character directly but has to help her access the various places of the game. The player is placed in a control room where he has access to doors, cameras, ... In that aspect, Experience 112 is an unique game, very innovative.

Gabriel Knight is a popular adventure game serie on PC.

The Gabriel Knight games

The games Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Fathers, The Beast Within : A Gabriel Knight Mystery and Gabriel Knight 3 : Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned are classic Adventure video games on PC.
In fact, when it comes to Adventure games, Gabriel Knight is a mythical games serie which features excellent scenarios and atmosphere and which has left a great impression on many players.

Escape from Monkey Island is a famous adventure game on PC.

Escape From Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2 : LeChuck's Revenge

With Escape From Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2 : LeChuck's Revenge, here comes another couple of famous Adventure games on PC.
As a side note, the Escape from Monkey Island has been remade with better graphics in 2004 under the title : The Secret of Monkey Island.

Stupid Invaders is a well known adventure game on PC where the player controls Aliens.

Stupid Invaders

Stupid Invaders is a very funny Point and Click game where the player controls Aliens who try to escape from the Dr. Darkarin.

King's Quest is one of the most famous serie of Adventure games existing on PC.

The King's Quest serie

King Quest is one of the well known classic Adventure games released on PC. Amongs the best games of the serie, there is King's Quest 8 : Mask of Eternity and for the earlier King's Quest (King's Quest 1, 2 next), try to find the VGA version of theses games in order to have a better graphical quality.

The Adventure game Machinarium on pc.


Machinarium is a very poetic Adventure game where the player controls a sympathetic little robot. The game's atmosphere and the game design are very good and the scenario is excellent. Machinarium is a truly good and very original game.

The Adventure games the Little Big Adventure 2 on pc.

The Little Big Adventure and The Little Big Adventure 2

The video games The Little Big Adventure and the Little Big Adventure 2 on pc are classic Adventure PC games. The scenario and the game atmosphere are what makes theses two games being part of the Adventure Games Hit-Parade for PC.

The game The Knights of Baphomet on PC.

The Knights of Baphomet 1 and The Knights of Baphomet : Shields of Quetzalcoat

The Knights of Baphomet 1 and 2 are famous adventure games on PC.

Blade Runner : The game (one of the classic adventure game on PC).

Blade Runner

Blade Runner is an excellent cyberpunk video game derived from the success film bearing the same name. As for the game hightlights : Atmosphere similar to the film, good scenario, several ends, ... The Adventure game Blade Runner is one of the best adaptations of success film into games of all times.