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The best Space Opera and flight games for PC.

The Space Opera video games are games which feature space travels, space combats, space commerce or the coloniation and control of planets of one or several solar systems. The Space opera games are futuristic games which focus a lots on the ambiance and are often characterized by the fact that the player(s) will control vessels more and more advanced and powerful as the game progresses.

Space Operas

The game Descent Freespace 2 on pc.

The Descent et Descent Freespace series

Descent 1,Descent 2, Descent 3 and Descent Freespace 1 and Freespace 2 are well known Space Opera shooter games. One of the Descent serie's highlights are the great quality of the soundtrack and level design.

The Space Opera Freelancer on pc.


Freelancer is a cult classic Space Opera game published by Microsoft. In top of its original qualities, a lots of mods created by the players further improves Freelancer's gaming experience.

The Space Opera Homeworld on pc.

Homeworld 1 and Homeworld Cataclysm

Homeworld 1 and Homeworld Cataclysm are amongs the best Space Opera games existing for PC. As for Homeworld 2, it is a good game but not on the level of HW1 and HW: Cataclysm. And here is why: In HW2, some of HW: Cataclysm's inventions have disappeared and the player can't wander anymore in the systems to collect the remaining ressources and/or repair his fleet after the missions have ended.

The Space Opera Haegemonia : Legions of Iron on pc.

Haegemonia : Legions Of Iron

Hegemonia : Legions of Iron is one of the best Space Opera existing and was a visual prowess when he was published (The graphics today are still very good) and features great soundtracks. As for the game's possibility, they are very interesting : Conquest planets and manage them through building constructions, population growth, terraforming, units production, ... The only downside of the game are the scale ration between units and planets which is a little over the edge and the small number of units the player can control (But for the later, this can be fixed through modding, so it's not so much of a problem). A trully excellent game.

More about the Space Opera videogame Haegemonia Legions of Iron.

The Space Opera Darkstar One on pc.

Darkstar One

Darkstar One is a good Space Opera which features many possibilities : Trade, play as a pirate or as a smuggler, ... and a lots of good cutscenes which enhance the scenario.

The Space Opera Nexus : The Jupiter Incident on pc.

Nexus : The Jupiter Incident

Nexus: The Jupiter Incide is a classic Space Opera combat videogame. The game features impressive graphics, a fantastic scenario and the Space combat are very realistic. Also in Nexus, the player can't collect ressources because the whole game is entirely focused on combats. Nexus is part of the Cult Classic Imperium Galactica serie.

The Space Opera Independance War 2 (I-War 2) : Edge of Chaos on pc.

I-War 1 and Independance War 2 : Edge of Chaos

Independance War 1 and Indepandance War 2 : Edge Of Chaos are amongs the best Space combat simulator games existing and they both enjoy a great scenario deserved by amazing cutscenes (As an example, Edge of Chaos' intro cutscene lasts around 10 minutes). As for the controls, they are difficult at first but when you understand how it works, they are very practical and allow a wide range of possibilities.

The video game Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic on pc.

The Star Wars serie

The Space Opera videogames Star Wars : Knight of the old Republic, Starfighter, Empire at War and Jedi Academy on pc are cult classic games.

The Retro game Frontier : Elite (Space Opera) on pc.

Frontier : Elite

Frontier: Elite is a Mythical Space Opera serie.
The Elite serie has 4 episodes : Elite, Elite 2, Elite 3 and Elite : Dangerous published in 2014.
Theses 4 Elite videogames are cult classic pc games and amazing Space Operas. Amongs others, one of the highlights of the Elite serie is the possibility to touch down manually on planets and Elite IV : Dangerous allows the player to visit around 300000 Solar systems.

The game Space Wolves 1 on pc (Space Opera game).

Star Wolves 1

Star Wolves is a Space Opera serie which features Space combats with Strategy and Roleplay elements. It is indeed possible to make the characters and the equipment evolve with Xp points and in some missions the decisions taken by the player have an impact on the storyline. As an example, Star Wolves 1 has 3 differents endings which depends on the player's choices.

The Space Opera game Starlancer on pc.


Starlancer is an excellent Space simulation / Space vombat videogame. The storyline is classic but the univers which appears alive and the protagonists met ingame are interesting.

The game Wing Commander on pc.

The Wing Commander series

Wing Commander is a well known and a cult classic 3d Space Combat Simulator serie. Some of the episodes of the Wing Commander serie like Wing Commander III : Heart of the Tiger and Wing Commander IV : The Price of Freedom have been adapted on Playstation (PS1).

The retro game Master of Orion 1 on pc (A Classic Space Opera game).

Master of Orion 1 and 2

Master of Orion 1 and Master Orion 2 are cult classic Space Opera games and like Elite they have marked the Space Opera's history on PC. Master of Orion is a serie of game which focuses on strategy and management in Space.

The game Mass Effect 2 on pc.

Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3

Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 are very good Space Opera games.
In the Mass Effect serie, the player doesn't stay only in his vessel but he passes a lots of time on planets where he has to accomplish FPS-like missions. The precursor of this Space Opera genre are the games from the Elite serie and Battlecruiser Millenium.
As for Mass Effect Andromeda, it is not a classic game.

The Space Opera game X3 : Terran Conflict on pc developped by Egosoft.

X2, X3 and X3 Terran Conflict

The Space Opera videogames X-Beyond The Frontier, X-Tension, X2: The Threat, X3: Reunion and X3: Terran Conflict are famous 3D Space simulation games which offer a wide range of possibilities (especially in the last games from the serie where the player can trade, buy and sell space stations, space complexes, create products to sell them, become a pirate, capture ships or transport passengers or slaves in order to sell them, ...

No Man's Sky front box.

No Man's Sky

The Space Opera No Man's Sky has marked the history of the videogames (and not just on PC) in 2 ways : When he was released in 2016 it was a very average game and got destroyed by the critics for being what it was. But then, the developpers Hello Games didn't abandon the title and since then, they have released a LOTS of very important DLCs for free which transformed this initially below-average game into a great game worth to play, even today as... their free DLCs even improved the game's graphics. But not only that their DLCs included extensive Bug fixes, a multiplayers mode which allow to players playing in PC and game consoles to play together... and of course : They added a mOTs of contents and features to their game. Like... what they promised before the game was out, plus features and contents demanded by the players. So, what kind of game is No Man's Sky ? It is a Space Opera game where the player can even travel to planets, build bases there (including under waters... thanks to one of the free dlcs), farm materials, ect... All in all, this game has combats in space but the game focuses more on planet exploration and farming.

Jeux spaciaux

The game Il-2 Sturmovik on pc.

IL-2 Sturmovik

Il-2 Sturmovik is a 3d combat simulator game which takes place in the WW2 era.

The simulation game Flight Simulator developped by Microsoft.

Flight Simulator x : Professional Edition

Flight Simulator is the best flight simulator existing on pc.
in Fly Simulator X: Professional Edition, the player can try to fly an important number of planes and helicopters.

The game Crimson Skies on pc.

Crimson Skies

Crimson Skies is an arcade-oriented flight game where the action takes place during the 30s. It is really an excellent game.