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The best board games for PC.

In this category of games are found Chess games, card games such as poker, tarot, or puzzle games.

Chessmaster 10th edition on PC.

The Chessmaster serie

Chessmaster 4000, Chessmaster 9000 and Chessmaster 10th edition are classic board games on PC.

Chessmaster is, with Fritz, the most famous serie of Chess video games on PC. Some boards in Chessmaster games are particularly original, like the chess board at the top of a tower's castle in Chessmaster 9000. As for the AI of the Chessmaster games, they are reputed to be very good.

The Chess game Fritz 9 on pc

Fritz 9

Fritz 9 is another very good Chess game but more sober when it comes to the graphics.
The AI of Fritz 9 is also very much praised.
Fritz and Chessmaster are considered the best series of Chess games on PC.

Poker Academy : Professional Edition on PC.

Poker Academy : Professional Edition

Poker Academy Professional Edition is the reference when it comes to play Poker on PC. The interface is simple and practical, there aren't any background music, all is focused on the Poker game and only the Poker game.

The puzzle game World of Goo on PC.

World of Goo

The video game World of Goo is an excellent puzzle game with a sympathetic atmosphere and a good story. World of Goo is available on PC, Mac, Wii, Iphone and Android.

The game Tetris on pc.


The puzzle game Tetris is without contest one of the most famous game of all times. It is perhaps the more famous game in the world. Tetris has been ported on numerous systems like MSX, Dos, Windows, Gameboy, Sega Mega Drive, Atari, Commodore 64, Nes, Amstrad or Linux. Also a lots of video games have been derived from this exceptional game and have earned the title : Tetris-like (Similar to Tetris).