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The best browser games

A browser game is a game which is played through a web browser like Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Many of them are free to play. Here are some excellent browser games :

The mmorpg Naruto Online for pc.

Naruto Online

Naruto Online is an official Naruto game for browsers which is edited by Bandai Namco. Also, the author of Naruto participated in the making of the game and thoses are the two reasons why there are cutscenes which come from the anim in this game and also why the characters have their original japanese voices. All in all, Naruto Online is an excellent combat, strategy and rpg game.
Page dedicated to the game Naruto Online. Also, here is my video review of the game.

The browser game Angry Birds.

Angry Birds (serie)

Angry Birds is a serie of video games in which the player uses a catapult to project birds into fortress owned by green pigs (the enemies of the birds). The goal here is to make the fortress crumble on the pigs. Some of the games from this serie exist in flash version and can be played in a web browser. But the games are also availables on mobile phones and a PC version (Angry Bird Seasons PC) exists.

Baldur's Gata II Enhanced Edition for Ipad, PC and others systems.

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is an excellent Medieval Tower defence game in which the player has to defend his kingdom from hordes of invading monsters.

Note : There are others excellent browser games which will be included as soon as possible.