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The best cyberpunk games

Cyberpunk could be defined as a tech-loving and anti-corporations science-fiction genre where the action often takes place in the near or distant future.
When you think cyberpunk, think Blade Runner, Deus Ex, Akira or Snatcher, to name the most famous movies, books and games of this genre.
In the cyberpunk genre, the quest to improve humans through technological means and the search for immortality are recurrent themes and often, questions like "What is it to be human ?" or "can robots and artificial intelligences feel something ?" are asked to the viewers, readers and players.
Below are listed the best cyberpunk games on pc.

The cyberpunk game Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cuts on PC.

The Deus Ex serie

Deus Ex 1, Human Revolution and Mankind Divided are probably the most known cyberpunk games ever published on PC. The first game of the serie takes place in 2052 and the prequels Human Revolution and Mankind Divided in 2027 and 2029. The series' story is emblematic of the genre : People trying to be more than humans by getting enhanced with mechanical augmentations and later by nano-augmentations, Corporations having more power than governements and trying to control the World, ect... All games from the Deus Ex serie are Role-playing game : The character controlled by the player evolves throughout the course of the game and the player has different ways of completing quests. Several endings are also available.

The cyberpunk game System Shock 2 on pc.

System Shock 2

In System Shock 2, the character controlled by the player, a soldier, can be improved and obtain special powers thanks to cybernetics implants. The game takes place in a space vessel where an Artificial Intelligence has become rogue.

The cyberpunk game Remember Me on pc.

Remember me

"Remember me" is an action-adventure game which takes place in 2084 in neo-Paris (Renaming cities with "Neo" in front of them is typical of the Cyberpunk genre: It is used in other cyberpunk games like for Snatcher which takes place in Neo Kobe City). As for the story of Remember Me, a big tech company named Memorize has stolen the memories of Nilin, the female character controlled by the player. And of course, she wants her stolen memories back. Remember Me is a linear but good action-combat game where the player can enhance Nilin with cybernetic implants. Altering the human mind through technology and considering it like some sort of data disk is also a classic theme in the Cyberpunk genre.

The cyberpunk game Ruiner on pc.


Ruiner is an action-rpg game where the player controls a character whom he can enhance with cybernetic implants. The game's camera is in 3/4 view.

The cyberpunk game Soma on pc.


Soma is a survival-horror and cyberpunk game which takes place underwater, in a sub-marine complex. Typical questions related to the cyberpunk genre are asked to the player: What is it to be human and Can robots feel something.

The cyberpunk game NieR: Automata on pc.

NieR: Automata

In NieR: Automata, the player controls a female android whom he can enhance with combat chips to make her more powerful. It is a futuristic action-rpg game where the player has to conquer back the Earth which was colonized by hostile alien machines.

The cyberpunk game Blade Runner on pc.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner is a points and clics adventure game which is derived from the famous Blade Runner movie. It takes place before the movie and the player doesn't control the main protagonist of the Blade Runner movie but another character. It is a great game where the player's actions impact how the game's ends : The game has 12 different endings.

The cyberpunk game Nomad Soul on pc.

The Nomad Soul

The Nomad Soul is anaction-adventure game which takes place in a decadent futuristic city named Omicron. Throughout the game, the player can transfer his soul inside up to 30 different characters.

The classic cyberpunk game Flashback: The Quest For identity on pc.

Flashback : The Quest for Identity

Flashback: The Quest for Identity is a platforms and adventure game published in 1992 and which takes place in 2142. The character controlled by the player is Conrad, a man who has lost his memories and who is trying to remember his forgotten past. The game features robot-cops, cyborgs, mutants, holograms and conspiracies.

The tactical cyberpunk game Syndicate on pc.

The Syndicate serie

Syndicate is a tactical cyberpunk video game which was published in 1993. In Syndicate, the year is 2069 and the player is at the head of a crime syndicate and tries to take over the World. To help him in quest, the player can count on an army of cyborgs created from civilians who were grabbed on the street, made souless and enhanced throughout technology. One of the ways for the player to fulfill his objective is to upgrade his team of cyborgs by obtaining new weapons and make them more powerful by replacing their limbs and equip them with more cybernetic implants. So the missions are organized like this : Research, planning and then action on the ground.

The cyberpunk game Technobabylon on pc.


Technobabylon is a points and clics adventure video game which takes place in 2087. The player can alternatively controls 3 characters : One who is totally humans, one lightly augmented and a third one who is heavily augmented. Due to their conditions, all 3 have different uses.

The cyberpunk game EYE: Divine Cybermancy on pc.

EYE: Divine Cybermancy

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy is a first person shooter and RPG-games which takes places in a futuristic World. The game's mechanics include the use of psychic power, cybernetic augmentations and hacking. In EYE: Divine Conspiracy, what the player do to complete the missions impact the next missions and it is possible to go back to the zones already visited to complete side quests.

The action-rpg game Cyberpunk 2077 on pc.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is an action-RPG game which takes place in an open World (like GTA). The action takes place in Night City and its surrounding areas the Badlands. The player incarns "V" who can be either a man or a woman, depending  what the player chooses. Like in many cyberpunk games, the enhancement of humans via technology is questionned, same for the alteration of the minds and the transfer of the soul to electronic devices, computers and even into other People's body. The game's story is quite good and there are 5 endings. When it comes to the gameplay, the player can reach his objectives by using different means, just like in the Deus Ex serie. Cyberpunk 2077 is also the most beautiful game existing on PC and there aren't any loading screens when the player travels throught the immensely playable zone which is Night City and its surrounding areas. That said, the game isn't exempt of flaws : Amongs other things, the characters' AI is basic and the driving system is barely average. Also, there isn't much to do in Night City outside of the main and side quests. It is one of the best cyberpunk games but it isn't one of the best PC games : It brings nothing new to the table, excepted amazing graphisms.