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Deus Ex : Human Revolution

Deus Ex Human Revolution is an action-rpg and a futuristic video game which takes place in the near future and whose story plot focuses on human evolutions. In Deus Ex HR, the player controls Adam Jensen, a mechanically augmented character who works for Sarif Industries as its security chief.

Tips & tricks for Deus Ex Human Revolution

Here are some useful tips for Deus Ex Human Revolution :

Temporally disable lasers

The stun gun can temporally disable lasers. It is an useful alternative when the player doesn't have the cloaking augmentation or hasn't upgraded enough the hacking augmentation to disable the laser panels.

Get infos from the informant Letitia

Also, if you give 4 Hot Red Devil Beers to the informant Leticia during the first visit of Detroit, she will give a notebook to the player which contains a code to open a garage. Several of theses beers can be found in the trashcans in Detroit and 2 of them can be found in another garage not far from where Letitia is.
The player can also buy infos from the character Letitia and then knocks her out to get back the money. This allows to get several codes and passwords without having paid anything.

Mods for Deus Ex Human Revolution

As contrary as Deus Ex 1, Deus Ex Human Revolution isn't what you can call a mod-friendly game in the sense that no official tools have been released to mod the game. Still, some members of the modding communit have managed to create some tools to manage the game's files and thanks to that, some mods have been made for the game.

The Mod Deus Ex Hardcore Revival (VGrog) for DeusEx Human Revolution

Deus Ex Hardcore Revival (VGrog) is a mod which change various aspects of the gameplay and notabily :
The mod changes what items the game's merchants sell and in what quantity theses objects are sold.
The mod changes the items' size, stacking values and prices.
The mod also makes some quest items to be playable.
The weapons' size and power have also been changed as some weapons like the 10mm pistol were too powerful and others (like the silenced sniper rifle) weren't enough.
The number of praxis kits needed to enable Adam Jensen's augmentations and upgrades have been changed.
Some of the augmentations' characteristics have been changed as well, like how much time they last and what is their energy consumption.
The mod also changes the rewards of some questions. For example, now if Adam Jensen let O'Malley escape in the Cloak & Daggers side quest, he will get 10,000 credits instead of 3,000 which corresponds to the price of 2 praxis kits. Well, now letting him escape may be worth it, depending how the players plays and if he needs theses praxis kits or other items.
Also, the merchants don't buy anymore very common items like the 10mm pistol, the shotgun or bottles and they buy some others items only a certain number of times before their stock is full of them and they refuse to buy them anymore. But each time the player travels from Detroit to Hengsha or the contrary, then upon his return, the merchants' stocks will have been reinitialized. Anyways, this function added by the mod doesn't applies to rare items: The merchants will always buy them.

Here is a presentation video of the V1.0 of the mod (Note: the Version 1.01, which can be found in the description of the video below, adds new functions) :

The mod Deus Ex Revival Vgrog for the cyberpunkg action rpg Deus Ex Human Revolution.

The burger debug menu mod for  Deus Ex Human Revolution

The burger debug menu mod for the game Deus Ex Human Revolution unlocks a special menu which allows, amongs other things, the player to get the items he wants and how many of them he wants. This menu can be acccessed ingame by clicking on the ESCAPE button and by choosing to enter the Debug Menu Mod.
The burger debug mod makes it also possible to select the levels (Detroit 1 or 2, Hengsha 1 or 2 or to play directly the boss fights) and so it is a precious ressources for modders as if you made a change to the game, you can go directly to the area you have modified to see if your modifications work correctly. So, many thanks to the person who have made this amazing mod.

You can get the Burger Debug Mod here :

The Burger Debug Menu Mod for Deus Ex Human Revolution

The graphical mods for Deus Ex Human Revolution

There exists several shaders mods which aim to improve the game's graphical quality. Theses mods, like for example, ENB & Sweet FX, improve the shadows, lights and even remove the yellow filter.

Cheat codes for Deus Ex Human Revolution

Make all Adam Jensen's energy cells rechargeable

This cheat code can be enabled by using Cheat engine while playing the game. If it is actived, then all of Adam Jensen's energy cells will automatically recharge themselves (while originally, only Jensen's first energy cell recharges itself).

Modding ressources for Deus Ex Human Revolution

The Gibbed Tools to mod Deus Ex Human Revolution

The Gibbed tools for Deus Ex Human Revolution make it possible to uncompress and then rebuild the game's archives.
Therefore, they are a must-have for modders.

The items codes

Below, you can find the items IDs when they are placed inside the player's inventory and inside the merchants stocks. Also, you will find a list of the files which contain the merchants' stocks.

How to install mods in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

How to export the files contained in a mod to modify them and then how to rebuild the mod.

How to add additional files to a mod.

How to export the game's files from the "bigfiles" archives and how to rebuild the "bigfile" archives.

ID codes of the items in Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cuts.

What are the game's files which contain the list of items sold by the merchants (for thoses who would like to change the merchants' stocks).

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