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Deus Ex : The Conspiracy

Deus Ex 1 : One of the best PC games of all times.

"Deus Ex: The Conspiracy" is a futuristic cyberpunk game which was released in 2000 on PC and console systems.
It is the founding episode of the whole serie and the game has marked the history of gaming as it was very innovative for the time as it introduced new gameplay mechanics which are now, 20 years later, considered as a given in current video games (Like for example the possibility to complete quests in different ways and alternate endings for a some secondary quests).

The game is also famous for his main character, JC Denton, its dark cyberpunk atmosphere, its soundtracks and also... its capacity of "predicting" current events.
The game was released in 1999 and in the New York maps, the WTC towers are gone and the game's lore said it has been destroyed by a terrorist attack. And this really happened 2 years later.
Also, the game predicted a pandemic, the state of the European Union, how tax rates would evolve, etc...
Well, it probably won't surprise you but many conspiracy theorists LOVE this game.
But eh, they aren't the only ones :)

Deus Ex 1's strenghts and weaknesses

No game is perfect and Deus Ex, thought it is a gem amongs PC games, has its flaws, like every other games.

Deus Ex 1 : What is good in this game.

The game's story is epic and its dark and realistic cyberpunk atmosphere still holds up after all theses years.
The electronic OST is also clearly one of the game' strongest assets.
The RPG aspects of the game is also a great success : JC Denton, the player's avatar, can have his various physical abilities upgraded with skills points and he can equiped with new augmentations and upgrade canisters.
Also, the weapons can be upgraded with mods (like silencers, laser sights, damage upgrades,...),the non-linearity of the quests and the dialogue options, all that is very well made and it had a big impact on the role-playing game world.
The replayability is also excellent :You can complete Deus Ex 5 or 6 times and still find something new.
The developpers of Deus Ex 1 also gave a level editor to the community so Deus Ex fans can improve the game or make their own mods. And they did. And still today, more than 20 years after Deus Ex 1 was released, there are still People who are still playing modding this game.
Last but not least, Deus Ex 1's main protagonist, JC Denton, the nano-augmented agent whom the player controls throughtout the game, is known even to People who never played it because he has become a meme and he appears in many humoristic fanarts.

JC Denton, the player's avatar in Deus Ex : The Conspiracy.

JC Denton, the 23 years old nano-augmented agent whom the player controls in Deus Ex : The Conspiracy.

Deus Ex 1's flaws :

Already in 1999, when it was released, Deus Ex 1's graphics weren't ones of the best, so over 20 years later, they look quite... aged.
But the good new is that there exist mods to improve them, as for the clunky animations, they are very practical for making memes and others humoristic works.
Also, today, the gameplay mechanisms, thought they were a stepping stone for the role-playing genre, are now obsolete and modern games do better when it comes to it.
It is an old game, so weapon mods aren't visible when you add them to a weapon (but thanksfully, there are mods which add them).

But here again, there are mods which improve that aspect quite a bit.

The mods for Deus Ex 1

Unlike Deus Ex Mankind and Deus Ex Human Revolution which only have few mods, there are numerous mods for "Deus Ex 1 : The Conspiracy", thanks to the developpers who gave a Maps editor to the players.
That decision was really inspired because it helped make the game live longer.
Like for MD and HR, mods for Deus Ex 1 come in various sorts : Improved graphics, mods which improve the gameplay mechanisms, full conversion mods, mods which aim at fixing all the game's remaining bugs, ect...

The Mods which improve Deus Ex 1's gameplay mechanisms

Deus Ex Transcended

Deus Ex Transcended is an excellent mods for Deus Ex 1 which doesn't modify the original gameplay in any ways : It only fix bugs and glitches in quests and improve the IA of the characters, robots and turrets.
Well, in short, it is the original Deus Ex but enhanced.
It is the recommanded choice for new players who just discovered the game and for the purists who want mods which stay faithful to the original.

GMDX (Give Me Deus Ex)

The mod GMDX is a well known mod which improves the gameplay of Deus Ex in various ways.
A few things this mod does : It makes the IA better, adds new gameplay possibilities, slightly modify the maps, improve the weapons (by for example, making the weapons mods visibles) and it also fix a few bugs.

Deus Ex Revision

Revision is another famous mod for Deus Ex 1 : The Conspiracy. But unlike Transcended and GMDX, this mod has a different approach as it heavily modify the maps in order to make them bigger, add visual effects (like rain) and even change the OST.
dx-revision's official website.

The mod Deus Ex Revision adds weather effects in the game (Like in this picture from Battery Park where rain has been added). Picture of the UNATCO HQ completly retextured by the mod Deus Ex Revision. JC Denton's office at the UNATCO HQ (Deus Ex Revision mod).
Shifter and Biomod

Shifter and Biomod are other gameplay-oriented mods for Deus Ex 1 which are quite well know.
Actually, Biomod is derived from the original mod Shifter and its main focus is to change how JC Denton's augmentations work (like for example make some of them to activate when needed instead of having the player to manually enable them).
The mod also adds new functionalities to some of JC's original augmentations and replace some of them with new, better ones.
But that isn't all, Shifter and Biomod also add new gameplay mechanisms to the game, like the possibility for JC Denton to rob others NPCs' inventory or to use his hands after a jump to reach higher places (Which is now a classic features in modern games).
The 2 mods also add alternate fire mods to the weapons and an automatic savegame system (which is also a feature Deus Ex 1 doesn't have).
Finally, Biomod adds the controversed automatic health regeneration feature which is used in the prequels DXHR and DXMD.

Of course, all theses mods which tweak the gameplay of Deus Ex aren't compatible with each others as they modify the same files, but they can work fine with mods which alter the graphisms of the game like the HDTP or the Helios Texture Overhaul mods.

Lady D Denton

The mod Lady D Denton adds the option to play as a female JC Denton. It is a very well made mod as all JC's speeches have been dubbed by voice actress Karen Rohan and all pronouns refering to him have be changed.

The mod Lady D Denton for Deus Ex 1 allows the player to play as a female JC Denton.
Deus Ex Randomizer

This fantastic mod makes the locations of characters and items random, so every campaign is different.
And that isn't all, it also gives random items and weaponry to the characters.

The mods for Deus Ex 1 which improve the graphisms

The mod Helios Texture Overhaul

The mod Helios Texture Overhaul replaces the original game's textures by high definition textures.
Also, in option, the mod allows to give a new style (= different clothes) for the characters.  
This mod works fine with most of the mods which tweak Deus Ex 1's gameplay (like Transcended, Revision, Shifter, Biomod or GMDX).
Even for new players who want a vanilla experience, this mod is a must-have, just like Transcended.

The characters Gunther Hermann and Anna Navarre with HD textures and different outfits (Mod Helios Texture Overhaul). New textures and so new look for JC Denton (Mod Helios Texture Overhaul). Comparision between Bob Page with original textures and Bob Page retextured by the mod Helios Texture Overhaul.
The HDTP Mod

The HDTP mod replaces the 3D models and the textures of the characters and animals by more detailed ones.
Unfortunately, the mod doesn't change all the game's characters, so the difference between the modded 3D models and the original 3D models is very noticable.
HDTP works fine with GMDX, Revision, Shifter, Biomod and Transcended.

Walton Simons's edited 3D Model (Mod HDTP for Deus Ex 1).

Full conversion mods

They are mods which use Deus Ex's assets as a base to create a new single player campaign with a new story whic may have something to do or not with the world of Deus Ex. The most well known mods of this kind are :

Projet 2027

The mod Projet 2027 is an unofficial prequel of Deus Ex 1 and it has a non-linear story whose outcome heavily depends of the player's actions.
This mod modifies Deus Ex's augmentations, the player's skills, the weapons and items, add merchants to the game and various climatic evens such as snowfalls, thunderstorm, rain, etc... The maps are also way bigger than in the base game and the mod also greatly improves the IA.

The official website of the Project 2027 mod.

The Nameless Mod

The Nameless mod is an odd (but funny) mod created with the Deus Ex's level editor.
It physically emulates a website's forum which tranquility is compromised by the disappearance of a moderator.
The player controls Trestkon, a former intelligence official agent who has leaved the forum for personal reasons and who had been called back by the moderator so he finds their missing colleague.
The Nameless mod features new textures, weapons and gameplay mechanisms.
Official website of the Nameless Mod for Deus Ex 1

Useful links for Deus Ex 1

Deus Ex 1 playlist .
This playlists contains over 100 Deus Ex videos which depicts various subjects : Tutorials for the game, secrets, tips and tricks, OST, mods and even humoristic videos and memes derived from the original work.
If you heard about the JC Denton memes but never saw anyone before, this is a good place to start.

Deus Ex Wiki.
This page contains technical informations about the game (Useful for configuration problems).

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