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Far Cry : A Classic FPS Game

Far Cry is a First Person Shooter where the player control Jack Carver, a guy who looks like a thug with a touristic red shirt with flowers on it. So the game begins with Jack getting trapped inside an old Japanese bunker on an island paradise full of mercenaries armed to the teeths and who have captured the woman who was accompagnying him.

What can the player do or not do in Far Cry

Far Cry being a typical FPS, it's gameplay is quite classic : So, the player needs to reach the end of each levels and to do so, he can run, walk, crouch, hide behind walls and objects or in the wild, lean, shoot at enemies fire at explosive barrels, use card readers or drive vehicles such as jeeps and boats.
But excepted theses possibilities,  the character can't pick up objects like pieces of furnitures and throw them at enemies or use his fists to knock out opponents, the only close combat possibility there is in Far cry is to use matchet. So no non-lethal takes downs are possible in the game.

What makes Far cry unique

When far cry was published back in 2004, the game was a revolution when it comes to graphical quality and still today when you play with the options to the max, it is still a beautiful game with a great level design and Paradisiacal atmospheres. The developpers also released a level editor so players can make their mods by themselves which is a good point and like said above the gameplay is easy to master and there are challenge because the IA is quite good in exterior with enemies trying to corner the player, surprise him for behind, ... plus the story is quite good with some surprises.

Tips and tricks for Far Cry

Last Mission Trick (or you can call it the Invincible Chair Trick)

So this trick which takes place at the end of the last mission "Volcano" allows the player to go back to the armory to pick up health kits, armor, grenades and ammunitions when he is in difficulty while normally, during the last fight he is trapped in a zone full of very strong enemies.

Far Cry : Trick to help casual gamers finish the last mission of the game Volcano more easily.

In top of being very useful for casual FPS players, the Invincible Chair trick is quite funny. Watch the video above to see how it's done.

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