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The best First Person Shooters (FPS) for PC.

An FPS or First Person Shooter is a shooter type video game which is played in the 1st person.
In an FPS, the player is within the skin of the character he is controlling and see only his hands and foots.

The FPS Halo 1 : Combat Evolved on PC.


Halo 1 is a famous futuristic FPS which can be counted as a classic game. As for Halo 2, it is a good game with better graphic but it isn't part of the best PC games existing.

The FPS Call of Duty on PC.

Call of Duty

The FPS Call of Duty 1, Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare on pc are classic PC games. The Call of Duty serie is famous amongs players but the fact that enemies dead body disappear kill a little the realism of the Call of Duty games.

The FPS Red Faction on pc.

Red Faction

The video game Red Faction is an original FPS which takes place on the Mars Planet. The player controls a mineur while a revolt is fomenting. This game has a good scenario, interesting weapons and many buildings can be destroyed, which allows to use different way to fulfill the objectives, like setting traps to caugh enemies for example.

The classic game Half Life 1 on PC.

Half Life 1

Half Life 1 is a great FPS and a classic PC game.
As for Half Life 2 and its add-ons, it was a revolution when it comes to the graphics, the physical engine and the ingame gravity but appart the impressing technical progress, the game is average now that there are games with far better graphics existing. To resume it simply, Half Life 1 is a good game and Half Life 2 a technological work.

The famous FPS Return to Castle Wolfenstein on PC.

The Wolfenstein series

The video games Wolfenstein 3D (solo), Return to Castle Wolfenstein (solo) and Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory (online) are FPS which have left a great impressions on gamers.
Theses 3 games aren't only classic FPS but also classic PC games.

Unreal Tournament on PC.

The Unreal Tounament series

Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003, 2004 and Unreal Tournament III are very well known FPS which can be play alone or with others players. Unreal Tournament is one of the biggest names with Quake when it comes to the FPS genre.

The FPS Medal of Honor : Allied Assault on PC.

Medal of Honor : Allied Assault

The FPS Medal of Honor : Allied Assault is a good FPS which can be played in solo or online. Like many games of that sort, it sadly like realism because the bodies of dead enemies disappear. Excepted that, Medal of Honor : Allied Assault is a very good game.

The game Bioshock on pc.

Bioshock 1 and Bioshock Infinite

The video game Bioshock on pc is a very original FPS with a great scenario where the player has to explore an underwater city, Rapture, where most of the inhabitants have renounced to their humanity.

As for Bioshock Infinite, it is also a very original game : The story takes place in another mysterious city which is flying in the sky.

As for Bioshock 2, it is a good game but not a classic PC game.

The video game No One Lives Forever on PC.

No One Lives Forever 1 and No One Lives Forever 2

The games No One Lives Forever 1 and No One Lives Forever 2 are funny FPS where the player controls the Britannic Secret Agent Kate Archer.

The FPS Far Cry 1 on PC by Crytek.

Far Cry

Far Cry is a classic FPS which was certainly the most beautiful game when it was published by Crytek back in 2004. Not only the graphics are (still) excellent but the design of the environments which are very wide are very well done. Plus it is a game very fun to play, at least for thoses who like FPS games. As for Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3, they aren't part of the classic PC games. Amongs the defaults of Far Cry 2, too much long travels with ennemies who respawn too rapidely, ... And for Far Cry 3, it is a good game with very interesting characters but not a classic PC game like Far Cry 1 because it is too much repetitives and a little too casual and Far Cry 4 is like a Far Cry 3.5 (A far Cry 3 in a different environment with only some minor inovations like climbing or the gyrocoptere).

More about Far Cry (Review, tips and tricks, cheat codes).

The FPS Battlefield on PC.

The Battlefield series

The games Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 are online oriented FPS but which can also been played in solo. One of the strenght of the Battlefield serie is the gameplay which is well balanced.

The game Dark Forces (Jedi Knight) on PC.

Dark Forces (Jedi Knight)

Dark Forces est un FPS culte dérivé de Star Wars et précurseur de la série de jeux vidéo Jedi Knight qui mettent en scène le personnage Kyle Katarn et dont les opus Jedi Knight 1, Jedi Knight 2 et Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy font également partie des jeux pc classiques.

The retro game Duke Nukem 3D on pc.

The Duke Nukem series

Dans Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem 2 et Duke Nukem 3D, le joueur devra éliminer des extraterrestres ayant envahit la terre à grands coups d'armes en tout genre. L'une des séries phares sur pc et dont les opus ont fait grand bruit à leur sortie. Le personnage de Duke en particulier, est tout bonnement excellent :)).

The game Serious Sam : The Second Encounter on pc.

Serious Sam

The FPS Serious Sam : The First Encounteur and Serious Sam : The Second Encounter are both excellents and very funny FPS in which the player have to kill monsters with different weapons (like a chainsaw for example).

The FPS Quake on pc.

The Quake series

Like Doom or Wolfenstein, Quake is one of the big names in the FPS games genre and counts titles like Quake 1 (solo), Quake II (solo) andQuake III : Arena (multiplayers) which are parts of the greatest PC video games.

The multiplayers game Counter Strike on pc.

Counter Strike

And now comes the legendary FPS Counter Strike which was during a long time the most popular FPS existing. Counter Strike is without contest, one of the most popular FPS existing and a classic PC game.