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Max Payne 1

Max Payne is a classic action game for PC where the player controls Max Payne, a fugitive undercover cop who is going on a rampage to avenge his wife and baby girl.
The action takes place in New York, mostly at night, during 3 days and while the city is hit by a severe snowstorm.
The areas visited are quited varied (Ex: Some poor neighboroods in the Bronx, crappy hotels run by mafiosos, metro stations, sewers, restaurants, a theater, NY streets, rooftops, skyscrapers and even an historical building).

The original version of Max Payne 1 was published in 2001 but in April 2022 Remedy and Rockstar Games have officially announced that a remake for the game was planned.

Why is Max Payne 1 a classic PC Game

The game was revolutionary when it cames out in 2001 as it included the capacity for the player to slow down time to allow him more time to aim for ennemies and avoid bullets.
In the game, this feature is called the "Bullet Time" but as other games included it over the time, it is more commonly known as "slowmotion".
At the time, Max Payne 1 was also famous for the way the game manages decals as eliminated ennemies but also, blood, cartridges and bullets impacts on walls don't disappear. They stay forever. And even by today' standards, it is a very immersive and rare feature in games.
The game has also a very nice OST and the english voice acting is fantastic.
Last but not least, the game has a good story and the way it is told (in a graphic novel style) makes the game kinda unique in its genre.

When it comes to flaws (as no games is perfect), Max Payne 1 is a bit too short but the different difficulty modes, like for example "New York Minute", makes its replayability worthwile.
Another thing which comes to mind is that some enemies are bullet sponges, meaning : A lot of shots are needed to take them down which isn't very realistic (but thanksfully, on PC, the mod "Realistic IA" fixes this and also, for thoses who want to wait before playing the game, the remake may fix theses :).

Max Payne 1 was first published on CD-rom with an editor so players can create customs missions for the game but it is now available on Steam.
The game has a few notable mods like the one which gives kung fu moves to Max Payne as well as other mods which improve the IA, the graphics and even some which fix issues if you play the game on the last Windows systems.

The main characters of Max Payne 1

Max Payne (Character). Alex Balder (Character). B.B., one of Max Payne's colleague at the D.E.A.
Michelle Payne, Max Payne 1. Jim Bravura. Kyra Silver.
Don Punchinello. Jack Lupino.
Vinnie Gognitti in Max Payne 1.
Providence Pilate is a member of the infamouse Trio which work for Don Punchinello in Max Payne 1. Vince Mugnaio is a member of the Trio, the infamous group of henchmens who work for Don Punchinello in Max Payne 1. Joe Salem is the 3rd member of the Trio, the infamous group of thugs who work for Don Punchinello in Max Payne 1.
Rico Muerte (Character). The 1st Finito brother. The second Finito brother.
Candy Dawn (Character). Frankie "The Bat" Niagara. Lisa Punchinello.
Mona Sax. Nicole Horne.
Alfred Woden.
Wladimir Lem. Boris Dime.

Tips and tricks for Max Payne 1

In Max Payne 1, headshots do more damage than body shots, and shots to the arms and legs cause less damage than shots to the torso.

Also, when the player jumps in slow motion, he can take damage but he can't die (He is invincible until the slowmotion jump ends).

Escape enemies instead of fighting them

Sometimes, it is possible to just avoid fighting but only in a few areas.
For example at the start of the level where the player just has Franky Niagara's bat as a weapon, it is possible to access the elevator without engaging any combat with the mafia members patrolling the area : After you have freed yourself, just open the room and wait here until you have seen 3 mafia members (1 alone, then 2 walking together) walk by the corridor. Then, save the game, let the 3 of them take a little advance and follow them at distance. Wait until they turn to the left and then, go to the room located to the right and you will find several weapons, including a shotgun. Equip yourself and then you can clean the whole place of enemies... or you can just run to the elevator and leave the place, thus avoiding fighting completly.

Secret areas in Max Payne 1

This picture shows how to break into the secret room in Max Payne 1's tutorial.

There is a secret room in Max Payne 1's tutorial.
If the player breaks into it, he will find an ingram and ammos for it as well as a few painkillers.

Max Payne 1 : The Dopefish Easter Egg.

In the mission, Rooftops and Alleys, there is a secret room near the end of the level in which the player can finds several grenades and molotov cocktails. And in one of the walls of this room, there is a Dopefish poster.

Entrance of the secret room in the rooftops of the Choir Communication Garage.

At the top of the Choir Communication's garage where Max Payne confronts B.B. and his henchmen, there is a secret room which contains a sniper rifle, several ammo types and a radio which plays a message from the game's developpers.

The trophies room only accessible if the player beats the game Max Payne 1 in Dead On Arrival difficulty.

If you finish the game on the mode "Dead On Arrival", after the ending scene, you will then access 2 secret rooms located at the top of the Aesir tower. If you manage to beat the Aesir security personels in the first room, you will then be allowed to explore the second room where trophies are stored.

Max Payne 1 Cheat Codes

Theses cheat codes are for the PC version of Max Payne 1.

Note : To play with cheat codes, the player has to create a shortcut for the game (on its deskop or even on the Max Payne's installation folder), make a right click on it, select "properties" and in the "target" blank space, add the words: -developper and -developperkeys AFTER "C:\Program Files (x86)\Max Payne\MaxPayne.exe" (NB: this 'target' is if you have, like me, the CD-Rom version of the game and if you installed the game in the Program Files folder).
This video tutorial explains how to use cheat codes in Max Payne 1.

Characters Swaps

With the "developpers" cheat codes, the player can play the game as another character. And this can be more challenging as they have their have their own stats, which often are lower than Max's.

Get weapons and items

getallweapons gives all weapons to the player.
giveinfiniteammo makes all weapons have infinite ammos.

God Mode

The cheat code "God" makes the player unkillable (he will take damage but won't die).
"coder" makes the player unkillable AND gives him all weapons AND infinite ammos.
"Mortal" cancels the god and coder cheat codes (So the Max Payne becomes killable again).

Max Payne 1 Mods

There are many mods for the original Max Payne 1 game.
Some adds alternate stories, others ones fix the gameplay and there are even mods which improve how the game looks.

Noir York City

The Mod Noir York for Max Payne makes the exteriors areas look better and also makes the gameplay a bit more realistic.
More info about the mod Noir York City.

Max Payne 1 Remastered

The mod Max Payne 1 Remastered increases the resolutions of the original textures.
The mod doesn't fix everything, thought. Especially the exteriors areas which have aged quite terribly.
Still, it is a good mod.

Kung Fu Mod

The Kung Fu mod for Max Payne 1 allows the player to use punches and kicks against enemies.

First Person Payne (FPS)

The First Person Payne mod will turn the game Max Payne 1 into a FPS.

Patches and fixes for Max Payne 1

The original version of Max Payne 1 was released 20 years ago, so a few users may have problems to make the game run perfectly on modern systems like Windows 7, 8 or 10.Thanksfully, the developpers and the community have created patches to solve theses problems.

Max Payne 1 fixes and troobleshootings

Installation problems

For thoses who have the PC-CD version of the game, here is how to install the game in Windows 7 and later versions of Windows :

Insert Max Payne's CD-Rom in the CD-DVD player of your computer, then go to "Computer", right click on the CD-Rom and choose "Open".
With Max Payne's CD-Rom opened in the windows explorer, open the folder "Disk1" and inside it, make a double click on "Setup.exe".
Then, ignore the message which says that the game doesn't have enough system memory and complete the installation.
After the installation, you will need to install the latest patch for the game (Patch 1.05 or a mod which has it included).

How to make Max Payne run correctly in Windows 7 and later versions

With some combinations of graphics and hardware, the game may not work, but there is a patch to fix this : MaxPayneStartupHangPatchv1.01 .

Sound problems

The game is 20 years old so the sound may not work correctly if you play the game on Windows 7 and later versions of Windows.
But thanksfully, the patch "Ultimate Max Payne 1 Sound Fix for Windows Vista/7/8/10 solves this problem.

Widescreen fix

The Max Payne Widescreen Fix Patch adapts the graphics so they are displayed correctly in wide screens. This is a must have patch and it is compatible with many existing mods.

Tools for modding Max Payne 1

Unlike the Steam version of the game, The PC CD-Rom version of Max Payne 1 contains many modding tools which were provided by the game's developpers so players can make their own missions.
Theses useful modding tools can be found on the net by searching their name.
The most known tools for modding Max Payne 1 are listed below :

Max Payne Packer

Just like the RasMaker tool, Max Payne Packer tool will pack and unpack the ras archives which contains the game's files (like the levels files for example). This tool is a must have if you want to mod the base game.

LDBrip for Max Payne 1

LDBRIP for Max Payne 1 is a tool which allows to unpack Max Payne's level files (so People can see the textures used in each level and their name). It is a must have tool if you want to mod the base game.

Max FX Tools

The CD-Rom version of Max Payne 1 which was released in 2001 contains a level editor and instructions so players can extract the game's files and create mods for the game.

Online converting tools (To convert textures)

It is possible to replace the pictures and the textures used in the Max Payne 1 levels by other ones.
For example, if you want to replace the skybox textures or the building textures like I did in my Noir York City mod, it is possible.
But for this, you will have to convert the pictures and textures you want to install in Max Payne 1 to the right format, otherwise the game will crash.
Thanksfully, on internet there are free online converters which allow to do just that.
Just to name a few of them, there are : online-convert , convertio , onlineconvertfree , anyconv , etc...

Tutorials for modding Max Payne 1

How to create skyboxes for Max Payne 1 (Only when creating new levels).

How to replace the skyboxes in the game Max Payne 1 (Only for the skyboxes used in the main campaign).