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The best video games for mobiles

First, here is why there is a "Games for mobiles devices" section on a website dedicated to PC games :

Nowadays, mobile phones are small computers which run under operating systems used by standard computers like for example Windows 8 and which allows the users to not only call others peoples but also browse the internet, use instant messaging systems, record videos, take photos, ... and store them online with the clouds system or on the mobile's hard disk. But not only that, it's also possible to play games on mobiles and benefit from many others interesting functions like the GPS or tools like calculator generally found on computers.

As an example, on my youtube channel, now half my visitors use their mobiles phones to watch my videos (the other half use regular computers).

So yes, the mobile phones of today are more ultra portable computers than anything else, hence this mobile section on the "Best-PC-games" fansite.

A precision : For the mobile games which are free to play, some of them contain options to buy goodies and some others get money by displaying ads.

Limbo, a famous game for mobile devices and console systems


The game Limbo sets a small boy in a forest. With no explanation of what to do or where to go, the player has to slowly move the child through this other worldly place and makes him avoid the traps and obstacles which lie in his path. The game is dark and benefits from a strange, odd but well rendered atmosphere. Note : The game requires at least an iPhone 4S or any model later than iPad 2, or fifth generation iPod touch.

The Room Two is an Action Adventure game for mobile phones.

The Room 2

The Room 2 is an adventure game for mobiles where the player has to escape a boat by resolving enigms like actionning objects in a certain order, ect ... The game has a great but dark atmosphere and amazing graphisms for a video game for mobiles.

Baldur's Gata II Enhanced Edition for Ipad, PC and others systems.

Baldur's Gate II : Enhanced Edition for mobiles

One of the best games of all time; Baldur's Gate 2, has been ported to mobile devices can now be played on Ipad, Iphone and Android systems.

The game Icewind Dale for Android, Ipad and Windows Phones.

Icewind Dale : Enhanced Edition

like Baldur's Gate 2, this other classic PC game can now be played on mobile devices and particularly on Android and Ipad but also Windows Phone.

Le Space Opera Faster Than Light (FTL) sur Mobiles.

FTL : Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light is an excellent Space Opera and Strategy game where the player controls a spaceship's crew and has to make them survive. The game's mechanisms includes to fight opponents, to collect ressources, repair the vessel, ... It is a good game and it can even be modded as indicated on the FTL's official page.

The Adventure game Badland for mobiles.


Badland is a classic platform game where the player controls a strange creature. The goal in Badland is just to make your creature arrives at the end of the levels. It was labelled one of the best games for mobile devices in 2013.

Crazy Taxi for Ipad : Another classic game ported on mobile devices.

Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi is an excellent racing game initially published by Sega on Naomi and Dreamcast systems some years ago and which has been ported on Ipad devices. In Crazy Taxy, the player chooses to control one of the Taxi drivers from the game and has to transport his customers to their destination as fast as possible and if possible by making loopings, ... (In this case, the customers will give you extra money, well now you understand the name of this game).

The Racing Game Asphalt 8 : Airborne for mobiles devices.

Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is a good racing game which is a little similar to the famous game "Burnout".

The game Osmos for Mobiles.


Osmos is a puzzle game where the player controls a cell which has to absorb smaller cells to growth but has to avoid cells bigger, otherwise it gets absorbed. If the player's cell gets absorbed, it's Game Over.

The strategy game Clash of Clans for mobiles.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a strategy game in which the player has to build his village, expand it, defend it from enemies and lead his clan to victory. The game is very good but it is not suited for players who have little patience become many actions require a lots of time to be accomplished.

The game Angry Bird for mobiles.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a popular game which can also be played on PC and in which the player has to use a catapult to propulse birds into fortresses owned by green pigs who are the enemies of the birds. The goal here is to make the fortresses crumble on the pigs. It is a simple but funny game to play.

The game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle for Androids and IOS.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a fighting and strategy game for Android and IOS systems. The combat system is quite odd but the animated scenes are excellent, a part of the events are random but the game has quite many characters to obtain and is quite addictive, at least for Dragon Ball fans.

The mobile game Dragonball Legends on Android.

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragonball Legends is another fighting and strategy game for Android. The combat system in this game is more dynamic than in Dokkan Battle as the player has various moves availables : To use melee moves and launch blasts, the player has to choose between a cards selections but it is also possible to click on the enemies to punch and kick them and also to throw small energy blasts at them. The character controlled by the player can mov freely and evade attack. The game has several interesting mods and events : You can play in teams with other players to participate in some missions, you can join a guild and you can do duels against other players, in spare fights but also in ranked fights (which is a very interesting mode to play since in the game, you have to make your characters progress and create teams of 3 characters whom you can switch at will during battles. NB: Of course, you can select only 1 character in your team if you want and some missions even require that to complete them fully). Dragonball Legends is a free to play game.

The game Fleet Battle by Smuttlewerk Interactive on Android systems.

Fleet Battle - smuttlewerk interactive

Classic turn by turn fleet battle where you have to find where your opponent has put his ships.
Its rapid match mode where you fight other players online is quite funny to play. Fleet Battle is a free to play game.

The 3D Chess game "Chess Prince" for Android Systems.

Chess Prince (Chess Board)

A chess game with progressive difficulty : You start at Beginner and when you win against the IA, you can then progress to the next level (Medium, Difficult, Advanced, ect...). The IA is ok : It makes some big blunders in the lowest difficulty modes and way less in the more advanced modes. Also, the game has a 2 players mode. As for the graphics, they are in 3D and very nice.

Mobile phones also have a lots of good board games like : Checker games, card games (Tarot deck, pocker, Yams, ect...), Goose game, ect... and there are welcome old Classic PC Games : Like Pacman, Puyo or Tetris.