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Naruto Online : A Free to Play MMORPG Game

Naruto Online is an official Naruto game for PC

Naruto Online is a free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing game for web browser. So there is nothing to download to play this game, you just need to create an account on the official website of the game and you can play it for free.

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura vs a serpent invocated by Orochimaru in the game Naruto Online.

Naruto Online is an official Naruto Game : Naruto's author participated in making of this game and it is edited by Bandai Namco. This is why in the game there are cutscenes which come straight from the anime and why the characters uses their original japanese voices.
When it comes to the subtitles, Naruto Online is available in english, french, portugueses and german.

What kind of game is Naruto Online

Naruto Online is a fighting game, a strategy game and a role-playing game in which the player has to create a team of ninjas and accomplish various missions with them. The game can be played in solo but it is more rewarding to play it with others players. And when it comes to the multiplayer aspect, the system is quite excellent in that you can accomplish team missions with others players without having to interact too much with them if you don't want to.

A fighting game

In Naruto Online, the game focuses heavily on team battles. Each team in the game are composed of 7 ninjas : 4 who will deployed on the battlefield and 3 substitutes who can replace them mid-fights in some missions. Also in some others missions and game modes like Teams Instance or Ranked Battles, it is possible to see 3 teams from each side fighting it out. It means that, at max you can have a battle involving 24 ninjas, plus the invocations appearing in some combos, plus the clones some ninjas like Naruto or Kabuto can create, plus the 3 substitutes from each team who can replace their team members in some missions,... Like you see, a lots of ninjas can participate in a single battle.
Also, sometimes, the player's team will fight single opponents and if he wants, the player can choose to fight theses single opponents with 1 ninja instead of 4, so it is also possible to play 1vs1 fights in the game.

Now, when it comes to the gameplay mechanics, the fights are turn-based and the IA does automatically all the melee attacks.
So the players can just choose what ninjas in their squads perform their special moves, when and what ninjas from the opposite teams must be targeted.
Said like this, the players' involvement in the fights could seem limited but it is not the case : If for example, one player makes his characters manages to make the special moves of all his characters availables in the same turn and use them all on one ninjas from the opposite team, it can takes him out or more often weakens him enough to finish him in the next 1-2 turns.
Also, the choice of the target can decide some fights : For example if a player manages to take out the medical ninjas or ninja who can resurrect their team members first, it can gives him a big advantage.
Plus there are some moves which can interrupt an enemy which is performing the signs for his technics. If the interruption is done in time, the enemy's move will be canceled and he won't do any special moves during the turn.
Now, each characters have their strenghts and weaknesses as well as various abilities like paralysing the opponents, using mind control on them, lowering their defence or resistance, ect ...

A strategy game

The importance of creating complementary teams

In the game Naruto Online, it is very important to create teams of ninjas who can combine together in order to complete missions and or duels against others players. Also, the positions of the ninjas in formations is very important. For example, it isn't a good idead to put a character like Sasuke in the front line because he may be very powerful with ninjutsu but taking damage isn't is best ability. But if you put him behind characters who have a high defence and resistance in your ninjas team, he will be very useful to deal heavy damage to the enemy. Same if you want to include in your squad a character who has the ability to stop the opponents doing their moves: If you put this character in the front ligne, it will increase his chance to interrupt enemies doing their technics but he will also be hit more by melee attacks.
Also, some characters have immunities towards taijutsu such as the puppets of ninjutsus who can only be damaged if you use ninjutsu technics on them.
Finally, there is also the affinities of the ninjas to take into consideration : As an example, a ninja who use lightning-based technics will be advantaged in a fight against a ninja who use Earth-based technics (Just like Kakashi vs Kakuzu in the manga).
Well, depending who is your opponent, your team will be different.

The fighting mecanics

If Naruto online is a turn-based game, it is still possible for a ninja or his whole team to do several attacks during the same turns : Some ninja technics makes it possible and also some ninjas have this ability like Rock Lee or Zabuza (but they can't do it all the time). But even without that, if a character launches a melee attack on the enemy team and if he is complementary with 1, 2 or the 3 ninjas of his team, they will do a combo attack and after that the 3 others ninjas will do their normal attack. Plus, in top of that, some ninjas have a "prompt" attack, which can be used whenever the player wants, granted theses characters have enough chacra to perform their move.
Added to that, some characters can create clones during the fights or invocate dead ninjas like Orochimaru, resurrect their fallen teamates like Chiyo, heal them like Sakura or Tsunade or prevent them to use any melee attacks during one turn by blinding them with fog like Zabuza, ...
There are even characters who can transform the arena in which the fight takes place like the first Hokage Senju Hashirama.

A Role-playing game

If a player wants to progress in the game Naruto Online, he has to recruit ninjas, equip them with various objects and piece of equipment and improve their level, make them evolve, cultivate them, refine and purify their equipments, ect ... Passed level 53, the player can even capture beasts so he can summon them during battles (The invocations are summoned when the ninjas from the team are making a combo).

An MMORPG but which can be played in solo

You don't need to be part of a group or to talk to people to play the game but doing so grant ninja tools, Xp and others advantages.
Now, playing with others don't require to have much contacts with them. You need 2 players for a team mission ? Use the automatic messages provided by the game to send an impersonal invitation : "(Insert username here) needs people for a team mission. Come join the team". Then, when the mission is finished, just disband the team with one click. This is as simple as that.
Now, the players have also the possibility to join a group and fight others groups in scheduled events, or give them advices to progresse, and even help them in some missions which can be done alone or with the help of 2 others players.

The game modes

The Plot Instances

This is Naruto Online's Story mode and it follows the manga storyline, excepted that in the game, the player's character comes to help of the Konoha ninjas. This mode contains several cutscenes as well as textual narratives.

The Ranked Battles

In this mode, the player has to fight teams which have been created by others players and have been memorized by the game and try to progress to finish at the top.

The Arena mode

In this game mode, the game tells the player to create a team composed of ninjas who have this or that caracteristics to fight another player.

The Ninja Exams

In this game mode, the player has to fight a team of ninjas who are level 1, then level 2, then level 3, ect ...

The Capture Missions

Theses missions are availables only the weekends and consist to chase ninjas and defeat them. If the player succeeds, he will be rewarded with fragments of theses ninjas and when the player will have enough fragment of a particular ninja, he will be able to recruit him.

The Kyubi invasions (Events)

Several times a week, Kyubi will try to invade Konoha and all players in a server will be called to stop him. So in this even, Kyubi is attacked at the same time by all the players who are connected in the server. The players will get Xp points, coupons and some objects like magatamas (which serves to boost the ninjas' equipment).

The Ninja wars

The Ninja War is a scheduled event and to participate, the player has to be member of a group. Basically this is a competition between groups and players of theses groups who participate get rewards.

The Mitsurugi Challenge

In this game mode, each player has to choose 12 ninjas and fight others players of approximately the same level as his. When one of his ninjas is defeated, then he won't be able to use this ninja in the next fights.

The Teams Instance Missions (TI)

The player has to create a team with 2 others players and fight 3 teams of ninjas controlled by the IA. So in this mode, it's 3 squads of ninjas (3 players) VS 3 squads of ninjas (3 teams created by the game). If the players win, they will be rewarded with rare ninja tools to boost the equipment of their ninjas.

The Group Instance Missions

The Group Instance Missions are like the Team Instance Missions but the player can only team up with 2 others players from the group he belongs too.

The Convoyer Missions

In theses missions, the players are commissionned to bring a package to a given place. They can be attacked on their way to fulfill the mission and  if they loose the fight, the attackers will take a part of the package and of the rewards.

The Plunderer Missions

The Plunderer Missions are only opened to the best 20 players in each servers and they consist to attack the players who are doing the Convoyer Missions.

The Strong Approaching Missions

In this mode, the player has to reduce the life of the enemy to 0 while being poisoned constantly. Also most enemies fought in this mission (like Shizune or Karin) receive only 1 in damage when they are hit by the player and they regenerate their health very often. So to win the mission, the player needs to resist the poison, perform long enough combos and interrupt the enemies who are using their regeneration technics. If the player wins, he will be rewarded with pieces of armor.

The characters of Naruto Online

There are around 90 playable characters in Naruto Online and others who aren't playables, so the number of characters in this game is quite big.

Playable characters in Naruto Online
Konoha ninjas

Obito Uchiwa (Boy)

Iruka Umino
Choza Akimichi
Konohamaru Sarutobi and Konohamaru Corps (Konohamaru and his two teamates Moegi and Udon : 3 characters count as one)
Anko Mitarashi

Danzo Shimura
Fu Yamanaka
Torune Aburame

Kakashi Hatake
Naruto Uzumaki, then Nine-tail Jinchuriki (Kid, Shippuden version, Nine Tail Chacra, Sage Naruto)
Sasuke Uchiwa
Sakura Haruno

Asuma Sarutobi
Ino Yamanaka
Shikamaru Nara
Choji Akimichi

Kurenai Yûhi
Hinata Hyuga
Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru
Shino Aburame

Gaï Maito
Rock Lee
Neji Hyuga

former Hokages

Hashirama Senju (Shodaïme, The first Hokage)
Tobirama Senju (Nidaïme, The Second Hokage)
Hiruzen Sarutobi (Sandaïme, The third Hokage)
Minato Namikaze (The fourth Hokage)

Suna ninjas


Oto Ninjas (Village created by Orochimaru)

Suigetsu Hôzuki
Kabuto Yakushi
Ebihime (Agate)
Ebihime (Amber)

Kiri ninjas

Mei Terumi

Kumo Ninjas

Ay (the Raikage)
Killer Bee (Eight tail Jinchuuriki)

Iwa Ninjas

Onoki (The third Tsuchikage)

Ninjas from Amegakure, the Village Hidden by Rain

Hanzo Salamander

Samourais from the Land of Iron


Rogue Ninjas

Zabuza Momochi


Hitachi Uchiwa
Kisame Hoshigaki
Pain Tendo
Pain Shurado
Pain Jigokudo
Pain Chikushodo
Pain Ningendo
Pain Gakido

Misc Characters

Fukurokumaru (This character can also be summoned)
Enma (The 3rd Hokage's invocation is available as a playable character in the game)

Non-playable characters

Dosu Kinuta
kin Tsuchi
Zaku Abumi

Big ninjas (Tank type)
Ninjutsu users
Female medical ninjas
Sword users
Oto Ninjas

And there are probably others non-playable characters like Madara, Nagato, ect ... which will be added to the list when I will have completed the story mode.

Also, many characters are availables in different versions : Young, their Shippuden version, how they look during the Ninjas war and also some of them have special outfits (For example, Sasuke has a playboy costume and Ino can be played while she's wearing Swimsuit).

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