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The best platform games for PC.

A platform game is a video game type which focus on the player's ability to control how his character moves through the levels. In this type of video games, the main objective is to arrive at the end of the levels by avoiding the various obtacles that theses levels contain.

The platform game Prince of Persia : The Two Kingdoms on PC.

Prince of Persia (Pop)

The video games Prince of Persia 1, Prince of Persia 2, Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time, Prince of Persia : The Two Kingdoms, and Prince of Persia : Warrior Within are classic PC Games.

Prince of Persia is a famous serie of video games which began around twenty years agao with the classic game Prince of Persia 1.

The gmae Sonic Mega Collection Plus on PC.

Sonic Mega Collection Plus

The compilation Sonic Mega Collection Plus.

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the icons of the video game industry and the Sonic games are amongs the greatest platform games existing.
The Sonic Mega Collection Plus contains the best Sonic games.

The platform game Rayman 2 : The Great Escape on PC.

The Rayman Trilogy

With Rayman, here comes one of the best serie of platform video games existing. Rayman, Rayman 2 : The Great Escape, Rayman 3 : Hoodlum Havoc and Rayman Legends are amongs the best PC platform games existing and the heroe, Rayman is an icon of the video games industry.

The platform game Flashback on pc.

Flashback: The Quest for Identity

Flashback is an excellent cyberpunk and platform game published in 1993. It is one of the greatest hits of the 1990s and the french game which was the most sold to foreign countries in the pre-2000 era.

The game Megaman X5 on pc.

The Megaman series

Here comes another big serie of video games : Megaman. The Megaman serie has begun in 1987 and counts around 80 video games. It is one of the longest series of video games existing to this day. Only Megaman X3 and Megaman X8 have been ported on pc, and let's not forget the classic pc game Megaman Unlimited, a game done by fans for fans in 2003 which features longer levels with a great level design. This serie is one of the pillars of the PC games.

The game Tomb Raider Anniversary on PC.

The Tomb Raider series : Adventures of Lara Croft

Tomb Raider is a well known serie and began in 1996 with the classic game Tomb Raider 1, which has been for a long time, one of the best pc games existing, because of the particular atmosphere and story, the very interesting (and beautiful) female hero, Lara Croft, and an excellent level design. Then, came two others classic : Tomb Raider 2, the second best game of the serie and Tomb Raider 3. The serie has many others episodes like Tomb Radier Underworld, Tomb Raider Anniversary (Tomb Raider 1 remade), Tomb Raider Next Gen, ... which aren't classic games, thanks to some details like the disappearance of enemies body, a (too) casual gameplay or a story less interesting.

Ori and the Blind forest : A fantastic adventure and plateforms game for pc.

Ori and the Blind Forest : an Amazing Plateforms and Adventure game on pc

Ori and the Blind Forest is a fantastic Adventure and Plateforms games for PC. In this game which has been carefully developped by Moon Studio during four long years, the player controls a character named Ori who is half cat and half rabbit who has to save the Spirit Tree which somehow rules the Blind Forest like some sort of divine entity. What is excellent in Ori and the Blind Forest are the graphics, the level design which are trully excellent, the soundtracks and of course Ori who is a really endearing character. This game isn't just a game IMO but also a piece of Art.