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The best Role-playing games for PC.

Role Playing Game or RPG are video game where the player embodies a character who evolves through the missions in a wide environnement.
In RPG games, there is a good part of freedom but there is often a main quest. The main difference between a role playing game and an Adventure game is that the RPG game type is characterized by the character's ability to evolve through the game. And often the player wil have to choose how his character will evolve.

The RPG game Elder Scrolls Oblivion on pc.

The Elder Scrolls series

The Elder Scrolls chapter 1: Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion are amongs the best heroic fantasy games ever published on pc. The serie's highlights are the freedom enjoyed by the player, the heroic fantasy atmosphere as well as the storyline.

This serie is also famous for its big community of talented modders. Some of them even remade Daggerfall completly and now this old game can be played with better graphics and improved gameplay elements. The name of the project is Daggerfall Unity and after years of development, it is finally playable. Modders even managed to make The Elder Scroll Skyrim, which was an okay game, into a great game, thanks to their mods.

The Role-playing game Ultima 7 on PC.

The Ultima series

The Role-playing games Ultima 1, Ultima 2, Ultima 3, Ultima 4, Ultima 5, Ultima 6, Ultima 7, Ultima 8 and Ultima 9 are classic pc games. With The Elder Scrolls serie developped by Berthesda Softworks, it is one of the mots famous RPG games serie.

The game Neverwinter Nights 2 on pc.

Neverwinter Nights 1 and Neverwinter Nights 2

The pc games Neverwinter Nights 1 and Neverwinter Nights 2 are RPGs which take places in a heroic fantay universe. Both theses games are very good and are supported by an important fans community who have made a lots of mods to improve the games.

The MMO Guild War on pc.

Guild War (MMO)

Guild Wars 1 and Guild War 2 are MMO which are renowned for their gameplay and their graphical quality.

The RPG Titan Quest on pc.

Titan Quest

Titan Quest is a Hack'n Slash game which feature Role-playing aspects and actions in a mythological universe. The game has good graphics and soundtracks and the places to visit are wide. Only if you play in the normal level, it is a little too easy. Otherwise, it is a very good game.

The MMO Everquest 2 on pc.

Everquest 2 (MMO)

Everquest 2 is an online Role-playing game which is renowned for its gameplay and storyline.
Also, Everquest 2 has a particular place in the video games history because it is the first RPG game where all the dialogues where voice-acted.

The Role-playing game The Witcher : Ehanced Edition on pc.

The Witcher 1 and the Witcher 3

The Witcher is an excellent Role-playing game with a great storyligne, good graphics and gameplay. Also, what the player does as an effect on the story. If you want to buy this game, prefer to buy the Witcher : Enhanced Edition which solve glitches and provides additional contents. As for The Witcher 3, it is an amazing game which takes place in a more "open world" environement. Also, since the Witcher is a trilogy, it is advised to play all 3 games if you want to understand all the story's events.

The video game Icewind Dale 1 on pc.

Icewind Dale

Icewind Dale 1 and Icewind Dale 2 are Role-playing games which use the rules from Dungeons & Dragons, a very famous game from the 1970s.

The retro game Baldur's Gate 2 : Shadows of Amn on pc.

Baldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate 1 and Baldur's Gate 2 are classic Role-playing games. Like Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, published at the same period, the Baldur's Gate games have met a lots of success with players.
Baldur's Gate hightlights are the storyligne, the excellent gameplay and soundtrack. Also the game is long.

The Cyberpunk RPG Deus Ex : The Conspiracy on pc.

Deus Ex

Deux Ex 1 is one of the best all-time pc games and an excellent cyber-punk RPG. Deus Ex 1 is far better than Deus Ex 2 : Invisible War, which isn't a classic pc game despite a very good story plot because of issues like: Too small maps, the disappearance of many RPG aspect of Deus Ex 1's gameplay, common ammos for all firearms, ect....

As for Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution, it is a classic game with a scenario which is nearly as good as Deus Ex 1 and which marks the introduction of the main protagonist Adam Jensen, who is very appreciated by a lots of player (voice, style, ect...). As for the next episode of the serie : Deus Ex Mankind Divided, it is an excellent game but not a classic game, mainly because of bad choices from the editor.

Disco Elysium on pc (2019).

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a role-playing game where the player controls a detective victim of amnesia and who is charged to investigate a murder. The game is quite original and most of the actions consist to read documents, discuss with people, interrogate them, explore different areas and collect proofs. The course of the game may change depending on the player's behavior, what he says and the talents he developp throughout the story. It is also possible to have a "fail" ending.

The RPG Arcanum on pc.


Arcanum is another great classic pc game and a very particular RPG game because it features classic heroic fantasy characters as well as futuristic characters who can use firearms.

The game Omikron : The Nomad Soul on pc.

Omikron : The Nomad Soul

Here comes another very particular Role-playing game : Omikron The Nomad Soul. The game is a mix between an adventure game, a FPS, a fighting game and a role-playing game and it takes place in a cyberpunk world. In Omikron: The Nomad Soul, the player enjoys a lots of freedom and can transfer his soul into up to 30 characters during the whole game.

The RPG Gothic 3 on pc.

The Gothic series

The video games Gothic 1, Gothic 2 and Gothic 3 are excellent RPG games but have had little success in some European countries like France because they were published in theses countries a long time after their initial release.

The RPG game Stalker : Shadows of Chernobyl on pc.

The Stalker Trilogy

With Stalker, here comes a very particular RPG series which take place in the Tchernobyl area. Stalker : Shadows of Chernobyl, Stalker : Clear Sky and Stalker : Call of Prypiat are classic role-playing games with a very particular atmosphere and a good gameplay which allows the player to visit the Tchernobyl area. Excepting some annoying bugs, this is a great RPG serie.

The RPG game Arx Fatalis on pc.

Arx Fatalis

Arx Fatalis is an innovative game, mainly because to launch spells, you will have to tracer signs in the screen with the mouse. In Arx Fatalis, the character can also cook foods (like puting bread on top of fire) before eating them, granting him additional positive effects. The size of the maps is average but since all the game takes place underground after a natural catastrophe, it is coherent and the whole game has a unique atmosphere.

The retro game Diablo 2 on pc.

Diablo 1 and Diablo 2

Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 are classic pc role-playing games and with the Baldur's Gate serie, the Diablo serie has made a huge impression on players. Diablo's gameplay is so excellent that many games have included gameplay elements seen in this serie and have been labelled Diablo-like. Diablo's highlights are an excellent gameplay (quest + killing monsters to obtain xp points to level up). The best is to buy Diablo plus its add-ons to profit from improved graphisms and some additional quests.

The RPG Dungeon Siege on pc.

Dungeon Siege 1

Dungeon Siege 1 is an excellent role-playing game (far better than Dungeon Siege 2) and a classic pc game. Also, depending what abilities the player uses the most, the character he controls will evolve differently. If the player use magic abilities, he will earn magic xp points, if he uses fighting abilities, he will get warrior points and if he uses the bow, he will get xp archer points which make the levelling up interesting. However, the game isn't very long.

The RPG Dark Messiah of Might and Magic on pc.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

Dark Messiah takes place in the Might & Magic universe and features Role-playing elements and FPS elements in a medieval world. It is a very good game, perhaps more FPS oriented than RPG oriented but since the universe depicted is totally Heroic Fantasy, it has his place in the RPG section. Dark Messiah of Might & Magic's highlights are the different possibilities to get ride of enemies as well as the game's atmosphere and the gameplay.

The game Final Fantasy 11 on pc.

The Final Fantasy series

And here comes one of the best series of all times which began in the 1980s and which still continues today. The Final Fantasy games which have met an enormous succes on computer systems are Final Fantasy 1, Final Fantasy 2 and Final Fantasy 3 on MSX systems and Final Fantasy 6 and Final Fantasy 7 on pc.

The Role-playing game Dark Age Of Camelot on pc.

Dark Age of Camelot (MMO)

Dark Age of Camelo is a MMO which takes place in an heroic fantasy world and which has proven to be one of the best online games from the early 2000 before being outdated by even more famous games like for example Guild War. Still, it is a classic which has made a great impression on the players.

The retro Role-playing game Fallout 1 on pc.

Fallout 1, Fallout 2 and Fallout New Vegas

Fallout is a serie of futuristic and post-catastrophe role-playing games. The first episodes of the serie, Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 are Turn by Turn 2D games and Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas are in 3D. Fallout 1, Fallout 2 and Fallout New Vegas are classic pc games but Fallout 3 isn't a classic due to a too basic storyligne and the removal of many gameplay elements from Fallout 1 and 2. The serie offers a great amount of liberty when it comes to the world in which the story takes place as well as the gameplay possibilities and choices offered to the player. Also The post-apocalyptique atmosphere is very good.

The video game Planescape : Torment on pc.

Planescape : Torment

Planescape : Torment is a particular role-playing game which is based on Dungeons & Dragons. It is a big hit from the early 2000s.

The Role-playing game Nox on pc.


Nox is a very good role-playing Diablo-like game published in the early 2000s.
Also, depending the class (Mage, Druid or warrior) chosen by the player, the gameplay is very different.

The RPG game Silver on pc.


Silver is a classic pc game which was published at the end of the 2000s. Silver is a Role-playing / action game on pc which has met a lots of success. Les points forts de ce jeu en 2D disposant de personnages 3D sont le scénario, la jouabilité, les musiques et la durée de vie assez grande, sans parler de l'ambiance général du titre qui est excellente. Un grand jeu.

The MMO World of Warcraft on pc.

World of Warcraft (MMO)

World of Warcraft is a very popular MMO but which suffers from some not so good add-ons. Still it is a classic pc game which allowed millions of player to pass a good time against the AI and others players.

The game Eschalon Book 1 on pc.

Eschalon Book 1

Eschalon Book 1 is a Turn by turn RPG game which targets players who want a pure RPG gameplay and heavy customization. Well, Eschalon Book 1 is all but a casual Role-playing game.

The RPG game Depths of Peril on pc.

Depths of Peril

Depths of Peril is an innovative RPG game in which, in top of usual monsters, the character controlled by the player will have to face characters controlled by the AI who level up through the story and who act like human players would in an MMO. The only difference is that theses characters are npcs.

The Retro game Zelda Classic on pc.

Zelda Classic : The Legend of Zelda

The Zelda serie is one of the most renowned rpg serie and some of the games from this serie like Zelda Classic : The Legend of Zelda are all-time best pc games. Zelda Classic ehas been published on pc in 2000 on dos systems before being ported on windows systems.

The Role-playing game Darkstone on pc.


Darkstone is a role-playing game published in early 2000s on pc who use improved Diablo-like gameplay elements.

The RPG game Mount and Blade on pc.

Mount and Blade

Mount and Blade is a unique RPG game which doesn't have a main quest and where the player does what he wants : Commerce, build an army, take over castles, ...) in a medieval universe. Well, mount a horse and fight others npcs or do other things. As for the fights, there are very good.

The video game Fable : The Lost Chapters on pc.

Fable : The Lost Chapters

In Fable : The Lost Chapters, the player controls a character who begins the story as a child and who age during the story (At the end of the end, he is old). The player has many choice to make (good or evil) which impact how his character will growth. The storyligne is interesting and the gameplay is good.

The RPG game Torchlight 2 on pc.

Torchlight II

Torchlight 2 is a role-playing and hack'n slash pc game. Featuring 4 characters class types (Berserker, engineer, Outlander and Embermage), the player has to pursue a character nicknamed The Alchimist in open-air areas.

The Role-playing game Dark Souls : Prepare to Die Edition on pc.

Dark Souls : Prepare to Die Edition

Dark Souls : Prepare to Die Edition is a dark medieval role-playing game which is very difficult and features an amazing level-design. The areas to visit are filled with traps and enemies, there are secret paths, .... Firstly published on games consoles, the success of Dark Soul was so great that it was ported on pc. The PC version of the game features an additional chapter with new enemies and bosses.
As for Dark Souls 2, it is a very good game but the level design isn't as good as Dark Soul 1's and the various places where the story takes are too varied (there is no links between the stages). In the end, Dark Souls 2 is less epique than Dark Souls 1. 

The Legend of Grimrock : Dungeon Master Remade on pc.

The Legend of Grimrock 1 and the Legend of Grimrock 2

The Legend of Grimrock is a very well done remade of the popular video game Dungeon Master. In the Legend of Grimrock 1, the player controls a team of four characters and has to make them escape a dungeon filled with traps, enemies and secret paths. And in The Legend of Grimrock 2, available only online, four characters have to escape a strange island after their ship stranded.

The Role-playing game South Park : The Stick of Truth on pc.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park : The Stick of Truth on pc is a Role-playing game where the action takes place in the South Park World. The RPG mechanisms are OK but what makes this game excellent is the game's atmosphere : Graphisms, soundtrack and funny little references to events seen in the anime serie.

Divinity : Original Sin on PC.

Divinity : Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin is a very good turn by turn Roleplaying game where the story takes place in a Heroic Fantasy era. In Original Sin, the player (or two players) controls a duo of characters that he can creates with an integred ingame editor which offers a wide ranges of possibilities. As for the others hightlights, the freedom enjoyed by the player in this excellent RPG game is big and the difficulty is also important : Divinity Original Sin isn't a casual game but a truely classic Roleplaying pc game so if you send your characters too far away without being prepared, they will get killed. Divinity : Original Sin is truely one of the best RPG games of theses last years.

The classic Role-playing game Eye of the Beholder.

Eye of the Beholder

Eye of The Beholder is a RPG game for computer and game consoles published by Strategic Simulations in 1991 for MS-Dos systems (and also on console) and which was very well received by the public and the players.
In the Eye of the Beholder, the player controls a team of four adventurers who have been hired by the leaders of the city of Waterdeep to eliminate an evil presence from beneath the city.
The number of teammtes the player team has can be increased to 6 characters with finding new team members through the visited places and by resurrecting dead team members)