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The best Sports games for PC.

A Sport game is a video game where the player controls an athlete or a team and compete against others athletes and others teams in order to win competitions.
Most of the Sport games allows several players to play in the same time, whether it's on the same PC or online.

The soccer game PES 5 (Pro Evolution Soccer 5) on pc made by Konami.

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 5 and PES 6

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 and Pro Evolution Soccer 6 are both very good soccer games which are simulation oriented. The others PES games however aren't amongs the best soccer simulation games existing on pc, even if some minor gameplay improvements like the possibility to cheat to obtain a foul / penalty have been introduced since Pro Evolution Soccer 8. The downside in the PES games however is that it doesn't count many licensed teams. So the players' names aren't the real ones but it's not too much of a problem since the PES games have a very complete ingame editor and there exists a lots of mods to improve the kits, staduims and balls.

The soccer game Fifa Football 2003 on pc by EA Sports.

The FIFA series

The Fifa games are, with thoses from the PES serie, the leading soccer games on pc. And in this serie, Fifa 2003 and Fifa 11 are the best Fifa games existing (even if in Fifa 2003 the defense and the goal keepers aren't so good, the gameplay is excellent).

The soccer management game Football Manager 2007 on pc.

The Football Manager series

Football Manager is one of the best Soccer management serie for PC and Football Manager 2007 and Football Manager 2010 are the most famous episodes of the serie.
Football Manager 2010 is the first episode of the serie where it is possible to see the matchs in 3D, However, Football Manager 2007's AI is a littble bit more realistic.

The soccer management game LFP Manager 08 on pc.

The LFP Manager series

Like Football Manager, the LFP serie is about managing soccer teams but in a different way. Football Manager has more possibilities but the game can be difficult to master for players who just play this type of games for the first time while the games from the LFP series are more easy and focus more on the atmosphere. That is why the games for the LFP series allow the players to see the matches rendered in 3d with a relative good visual quality. Also, The game LFP Manager 2008 is the best episode of the serie because it is enough realistic.

The American footblall game Madden NFL 07 on pc.

Madden NFL 07

Madden NFL 07 is the best American Football game for PC.

The Skateboard game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 on pc.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

The Skateboard games Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 are the best skateboard games existing on pc.

The sport game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 on pc by EA Sports Game.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 is the best golf game existing on pc.

The Sport game Virtua Skipper 5 : 32nd America's Cup on pc.

Virtua Skipper 5 : 32nd America's Cup

The Virtua Skipper serie is the only pc serie which allow players to win races with a boat. The serie is very much oriented simulation and Virtua Skipper 5: 32n America's Cup is the best game of the serie.

The Basketball game NBA 2k9 on pc by 2K Sports.

NBA 2k9

NBA 2k9 is an excellent basketball game for PC (it is better than the games from the NBA Live serie).

The original Sport game Chaos League on pc.

Chaos League

Chaos League is a sport and fantasy game.

In Chaos League, the player controls a team composed of heroic fantasy characters and he musts lead them to the victory. For achieving this, he has at his disposal a large pannel of tricks. It is for example possible to kill the members of the others teams to win the matches.