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The best strategy games and management and construction games for PC

In a strategy games, to win the missions, the player must elaborate a strategy.
As for the managament and construction games types, they are strategy games which focus on resources management and city buildings rather than military conflict.

Some of the video games below are at the same time strategy video games and construction and management.

The strategy game Age of Empires on pc.

The Age of Empires series

Age of Empires is a succes strategy games serie which counts 3 episodes : Ages of Empires 1, Age of Empires II : The Age of Kings and Age of Empire 3. Both Age of Empires 1 and 2 have have received a lots of praise when they were published and are amongs the best pc games published in the 1990s. One of the hightlights of theses 2 games is that the campaigns integrate historic figures like Jane D'Arc, Ghengis Kahn and others.

The strategy game Age of Mythology on pc.

Age of Mythology (AOM)

Age of Mythology is another classic strategy game which takes place in a particular universe and features big maps. Also, the armies controlled by the player and the AI have special units (depending the factions) like Sphinxs, Minautors, ... as well as Mythological Heroes who enrich the gameplay.

The game Black and White on pc.

Black and White 1

Black and White 1 and Black and White 2 are particular strategy games where the player had to take care of a feeric creature and make it evolve.

The Strategy game Caesar 3 on pc.


Caesar is a Strategy games serie of 4 episodes : Caesar I, Caesar II, Caesar III and Caesar IV. The first 3 Caesar are classic cities builders and the serie has brought a lots of innovations to the Strategy games genre and to the cities builder genre in particular.

The game Command and Conquer 2 : Red Alert on pc.

Command and Conquer 1 and 2 : Red Alert

The video games Command and Conquer 1 and 2 : Red Alerte on pc and their add-ons are classic Strategy games but the third episode Command and Conquer 3 : Red Alert isn't a classic because of some odd choices like bimbo girls soldiers, the impossibility for flying units to attacks land units and others annoying flaws.

The construction and management game Civilization 4 on pc.

The Civilization series

The videoames Civilization I, Civilization II, Civilization III and Civilization IV on pc are great management games where the player has to build an empire and make it last several thousand years. For example, a party can begin at -4000 bc and ends at 2050 ad. Civilization is a classic success games serie.

The strategy game Commandos 2 : Men of Courage on pc.

Commandos 2 : Men of Courage

Commandos 2 is a very good Strategy / Tactical game where the player has to oppose the German army's plans in WW2 with a special squads of 9 units, all with complementary characteristics.

The game Company of Heroes on pc.

Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes is one of the best Tactical and Strategy games from the 2000s. The hightlights of CoH are the gameplay and the AI of the ennemieswhile the storyline is ok.

The Strategy game Cossacks 2 : Napoleonic Wars on pc.

Cossacks II

Cossacks is one of the videogames serie with Ages of Empires, Caesar, Civilization or Total War which have marked Strategy games genre. In Cossacks, the objective is a classic one : : Make is faction prosper and conquer enemy factions.

The strategy game Dark Reign 2 on pc.

Dark Reign 2

Dark Reign 2 is a very good Strategy game on PC which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Dark Reign 2's highlights are the gameplay, the soundtrack and the great atmosphere. The game isn't very well known but it is a great game.

The game Darwinia on pc.


Darwinia is a very particular strategy game where the objective is to protect fictive characters called the Darwinians from a computer virus. The player finds himself in a computer where he will have to help the trapped Darwinians. The game's concept is great and the graphics very particular.

The retro Strategy game Dungeon Keeper 2 on pc.

Dungeon Keeper 1 and Dungeon Keeper 2

Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2 are both excellent strategy games which are amongs the top games published in the 1990s. As contrary to many strategy / adventure / Role playing games, in Dungeon Keeper, the player has to prevent intruders to enter into his dungeon, or if they manage to enter, he has to trap them. Theses two games are among the very best strategy games ever released on pc.

The game Empire Earth on pc.

Empire Earth

The two last episodes of the Empire Earth games serie are among the classic pc strategy games. In Empire Earth, the player controls a faction throughout a long period of time : the party begins in the Stone Age and ends in a futuristic era. A great concept for two great games.

The classic strategy game Medieval 2 : Total War.

The Total War series

With Rome Total War, Shogun Total War, Medieval Total War 1 and Medieval Total War 2, here comes one of the most epic series of strategy games on pc. As for Napoleon Total War, Empire Total War and Rome II Total war, they aren't included in the best strategy games for pc. All that because in Empire Total War, Shogun II Total and Napoleon Total war, the IA isn't very good and the battles look too much the same (but theses two episodes have included naval battles and are still good games). Same thing for Shogun II Total War and Rome II Total War which have too many little defects like for example the removal of family trees to be included amongs the greatest strategy games for pc.

The video game Rise of Nation : Rise of Legend on pc.

Rise of Nations : Rise of Legend

In Rise of Nations: Rise of Legend, the player has to chose one of the three races which fight for control of th Aio planet. The gameplay of this classic strategy game for pc is very original in the sense that it is a mix of magical and technological elements.

The game Sim City 4 on pc.

The Sim City series

The Sim City series is a big name when it comes to City Builder games.

Sim City 4 in particular is a classic City Builder game for pc.

The game The Settlers 4 on pc.

The Settlers series

The Episodes 1 to 4 of the Settlers series are classic strategy and management games for pc (The Settlers 5 and 6 aren't included in the top strategy games list). What makes the Settlers series differ from the others strategy games are the funny graphics and also, if it is possible to conquer neighboring lands, the military aspect isn't as important as in most others strategy games.

The pc game Total Annhihilation.

Total Annihilation 1

The PC Game Total Annihilation 1 is a classic futuristic strategy game on pc which contains many different kinds of unists, a lots of maps and an excellent gameplay.

The strategy game Warcraft on pc.

The Warcraft series

Warcraft : Orcs and Humans, Warcraft 2 : Tides of Darkness its add-on Warcraft 2 : Beyond the Dark Portal as well as Warcraft 3 are famous strategy games for pc which have an important fans base. The hightlights of the serie are : A great atmosphere, an interesting story line and a good gameplay.

The game Warhammer 40000 : Dawn of War 1 (Winter Assault) on pc.

Warhammer 40000 : Dawn of War 1

Warhammer 40000 : Dawn of War 1 (and its add-on Winter Assault) is an excellent strategy game for pc. The game has met a great success when it was published, thanks to its excellent multiplayers mode. As for thoses who prefer to play in solo, the campaign is good but not that long. And for the others episodes of the Warhammer serie, they are ok but not classic games.

The Strategy game World in Conflict on pc.

World in Conflict

In the pc game World in Conflict, the action takes place in a 3rd World War context after the Cold War escalated into an open conflict. World in Conflict's Hightlights are its graphics (especially the apocalyptic atmosphere of the game), the soundtracks and its interesting gameplay. As for the story ligne, it is classic but well played and if the solo campaign is short enough, the multiplayers aspect of the title makes it a long game.

The classic strategy game Worms 4 : Mayhem on pc.

The Worms serie

The Worms serie is a funny classic strategy games series. In particular the pc games Worms 1, Worms 2 and Worms 4 : Mayhem (in 3D) are famous
In Worms, the players controls ... Worms who are armed with weapons and explosives, practicing martial arts, ect ... and which fights others teams of worms. This game serie is very funny andoriginal.

The video game the Sims 2 on pc.

The Sims series

Sims is a very popular management games serie on pc. Sims 1 and Sims 2 are classic games which have had a big success. As for Sims 3, if it is better graphically, some important gameplay elements (Animals, meteo, ...) are missing, thoses making it only a good game and not a classic one.

The strategy game X-Com: UFO: Enemy Unknown on pc.

The X-com series

X-Com is a serie of games which is played turn by turn. The first 3 games of the serie: Terror From the Deep, UFO: Enemy Unknown and Apocalypse are considered as cult pc games. The games are renown for their particular atmosphere and their gameplay.
In the X-Com serie, the player has to protect Earth from invading aliens.

The strategy cyberpunk game Syndicate on PC.

Syndicate and Syndicate Wars

Syndicate and Syndicate Wars are tactical cyberpunk games which were published in the 1990s. In these two games, the player is at the head of a crime syndicate and wishes to conquer the World. For these he will have to complete many objectives with the help of an army of Cyborgs built from  innocent civilians who were grabbed from the streets and modified to be souless half-humans / half machines creatures. Syndicate Wars is the first strategy game in 3D which is not played turn by turn. It also features destructible buildings (which was a new thing in the 1990s) and it allows the player to choose between two sides : The Sect and Eurocorp (which was also a novelty). Some players also consider that it is the first game which has ads included inside the game as in the city where the game takes place, there are giant screens which advertise the movie "Ghost in the Shell".

The strategy, construction and management game Anno 1404 on pc.


Anno is a well known City Builder serie which contains very good episodes like Anno 1503, Anno 1602 and especially Anno 1701 as well as Anno 1404. The two laters are among the cult classic strategy and management games on pc. Like the Sim City serie, in Anno, the player has to build and developp one or many cities. Also in some episodes of the serie like Anno 1701 for example, the maps are random so each time you play, you have to use a different strategy.

The strategy game Battle Realms on pc.

Battle Realms

Battle Realms is a strategy game where the action takes place in Medieval Japan. The game isn't very well known but it is truely excellent because of its interesting story, a good gameplay and a great atmosphere.

The video game Jagged Alliance 2 on pc.

The Jagged Alliance serie

Jagged Alliance : Deadly Games and Jagged Alliance 2 are classic strategy games which have been published on pc at the end of the 1990s.

The Jagged Alliance serie's hightlights are the big number of different characters availables (not just clones) which allows various tactical possibilities an a strong Latino atmosphere as well as a good and well told story, an in top of that the game is quite long.

The strategy game Pharaon on pc.


In the strategy game Pharaon on pc, the story takes place in ancient Egypt and allows in top of the typical wargames to build pyramids. So in Pharaon, the player manage its population, make wars against others factions and can build special building proper to the ancient Egypt. As for the gameplay it is at the same time easy to handle and quite complete, so in two words : Very good.

The strategy game Starcraft on pc by Blizzard software.

The Starcraft serie

The Starcraft serie is another big name in the strategy games world. In Starcraft, the action takes place in a distant future and the player has the choice to play 3 factions which possess their own story ligne. Needless to say but Stracraft its add-on Broad War have met a major success when they were published at the end of the 1990s. As for Starcraft 2, it is a good game but not a classic pc game (even if some of its add-on correct some of its flaws).

The strategy game Age of Wonders : Shadow Magic.

Age of Wonders : Shadow Magic and Age of Wonders II : The Wizard's Throne

Age of Wonders, Age of Wonders : Shadow Magic and Age of Wonders II : The Wizard's Throne are classic turn by turn strategy games where the action takes place in a Heroic Fantasy universe. Both episodes from the serie are quite long and both games come with a level editor.

The RTS game Sacrifice on pc.


Sacrifice is a real time strategy game on pc which has a good story ligne which evolves depending what the player choose, a good gameplay (Easy to handle with many actions possibles).

The futuristic strategy game Ground Control on pc.

Ground Control 1 and Ground Control 2

Ground Control 1 and Ground Control 2 on PC are excellent and long to complete strategy games which take place in a futuristic unverse.

Well, both games have a good gameplay, nice graphics and an excellent story ligne.