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Video games directory :

- Niche games : A gaming channel dedicated to games for PC and consoles. This youtube channel focuses mainly on tests, glitches and mods, not on let's play.

- Les Meilleurs Jeux PC : The french version of this website.

- Grognougnou.com : The official website linked to my youtube channel Grognougnou. A part of it is dedicated to pc games like Deus Ex Human Revolution, Mankind Divided, Haegemonia Legions of Iron, ect...

- Abandonia (In Abandonia, free of rights games can be downloaded for free, and amongs the list of games availables, some are amongs the great classics.

- The video games Atlas (This directory list games on pc, Macintosh and consoles classed by names and systems).

- Obligament (Very complete fansite on the Amiga system).